RESULT: fails 78:7

ru at ru at
Wed Jan 26 19:32:57 EST 2000

In news.groups Robert O'Connor <robby at> wrote:

>Your blood group seems much more applicable that some of the new ones
>getting approved nowadays, plus its not time limited like
> Tough that internet
>has gone so far from its grass roots that interested groups aren't
>allowed their proper forum.

You are mistaking the intent of the Big-8 news groups.  They are
not alt.* groups, and they are groups for popular topics on
usenet.  Utility and quality are mostly irrelevant.  If you want
a group that isn't a popular topic, try alt.*, and maybe the
interest will build from there.  But it looks to me like the 
intersted parties prefer mailing lists as the forum on discussion.


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