20,000 YEN To ANYONE (including YOU Mr. Anon) if Shimadzu's Terry Adams' Memo is NOT TRUE!

shitmadzu at my-deja.com shitmadzu at my-deja.com
Mon Jul 3 15:20:29 EST 2000

Prove Us Wrong About Shimadzu.... Get 20,000 Japanese Yen!

     We pledge that all of our facts about Shimadzu are in order
         ....and we'll back that claim up with real $money$

Since the inception of this homepage back in January of 1997, we have
stated unequivocally that "the factual information on our homepage has
been researched and found to be authentic.... it speaks volumes!" Simply
put, we have never knowingly concocted any untruths/falsehoods about
Shimadzu, their deceptive business practices or their inferior product
offerings! Then in September 1998, a group of independent medical
reviewers representing a prestigious online search engine concluded that
the factual information on our "professionally oriented website is 100%
accurate." Hence, the Shimadzu Consumer Alerts homepage at
http://www.bigfoot.com/~shimadzu-sux now sports a "4 star rating" award.

In spite of these declaration(s) and award(s), there are a few
belly-aching malcontents who are still non-believers. (We can't make you
see the light if you're wearing blinders!) And let's not forget the
brainwashed misfits who labor at Shimadzu on a daily basis. In an effort
to quell these malcontents, dispel those misfits and open the eyes of
the non-believers, we initially agreed in January 1999 to put our money
where our mouth is by offering 10,000 Japanese yen to back up our claims
regarding the other side of Shimadzu! Now we've upped the ante yet

If anyone supplies/forwards us any indisputable/incontrovertible
evidence by email which contradicts any of the factual information on
our website (opinions exempted), then we will pay the first contributor
reporting any such untruth/falsehood the equivalent of 20,000
Japanese yen in the form of a money order forwarded by snail mail to
your attention. (Unfortunately, Shimadzu has been unable to make a
similar offer by rebutting the facts on our homepage!) This good-will
offer is open to everyone (including all Shimadzu employees
worldwide). Please note that we will have final say whether any
presented evidence is indeed indisputable/incontrovertible.

n.b. Since January 1999 (1 U.S. dollar = ~150 Japanese yen), no one has
taken us up on our most generous offer.... the truth is very compelling

n.b. We have absolutely nothing to gain by fabricating or publishing
untruths/falsehoods. On the other hand, Shimadzu has everything
(starting with your money) to gain by resorting to the flagrant,
deliberate and intentional use of lies and denials!

n.b. Let it be known that no Shimadzu official, figurehead or troll has
ever questioned and successfully challenged the veracity of the
information on this website at any time. The truth hurts.... just ask
the habitual prevaricators at Shimadzu!

Question: Will Shimadzu admit to the facts found on this homepage and
come clean or will they simply persist with their propaganda depicting
full-blown lies and denials?

  Shimadzu.... Degrading the Art of Science for 125 Years (and Beyond!)

       For more information about Shimadzu, call 1-800-LIARS


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