Where EVERYONE can get an authentic copy of Shimadzu's Terry Adams' MEMO

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Where EVERYONE can get an authentic copy of Shimadzu's Terry Adams' MEMO

Shimadzu's Terry Adams SOUNDS OFF

                        ....he's our hero!

Mr. Terry L. Adams (Shimadzu Regional Manager) prepared a scathing
report which described endless problems in the Shimadzu organization.
Mr. Adams doggedly attacked the sales, tech support, training and
service departments in addition to launching a pre-emptive assault on
upper-level management decision-making at Shimadzu Scientific.
It's amazing that someone of Mr. Adams' rank could and would blatantly
backstab so many within the Shimadzu family, but go figure.... he did!
Mr. Adams' timeless and incredible observations are available for the
world to see in several forums, including but not limited to:

1) linking to our sister site at: http://shimadzusucks.tripod.com,

2) linking to the http://www.angelfire.com/md/alerts domain,

3) linking to the sci.chem and/or sci.chem.analytical newsgroups at the
www.deja.com domain. To do this, go to the www.deja.com domain and do a
"Power Search" for "Shimadzu Manager Tells All" exactly. Scroll down the
returned results (go to next page if necessary) until you locate the
appropriate heading. Click on anyone of the 4 parts of the Shimadzu
article and then choose get all 4 segments. All four parts of Mr. Adams
memo will be displayed consecutively for your perusal (and printing ad

4) writing a letter and requesting under the Maryland Public Information
Act a copy of Mr. Adams' memo which is included in MOSH Case No.
D-038-96. The letter should be addressed to:

Mr. Joseph Seidel (Public Information Administrator)
Department of Licensing and Regulation
Division of Labor and Industry
Maryland Occupational Safety and Health
501 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202-2272
410-767-2336 (voice)
410-767-2003 (fax)
dllr at dllr.state.md.us (email)

5) appearing in person and requesting the public civil court file (Case
# 100-1000-1821-96) in the matter of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments,
Inc. v. ChemEnco, Inc. in Howard County District Court. The court clerk
will gladly make copies of Mr. Adams' memo for anyone requesting them.
The street address is:

District Court of Maryland for Howard County
3451 Courthouse Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21043
410-461-0213 (voice)

Please note that this case was appealed to the Howard County Circuit
Court. The public file is Civil Case # 13C97-36002 and the street
address is:

Circuit Court of Maryland for Howard County
8360 Court Avenue
Ellicott City, MD 21043
410-313-3844 (voice)

We have included several ways of obtaining this explosive interoffice
memorandum. The reason for doing this is Shimadzu has been out and about
censuring any and all references to Mr. Adams' damaging report. Once you
peruse Mr. Adams amazing remarks, you'll understand the embarrassment
running wild in the Shimadzu organization since one of their very own
employees has "spilled his guts!"

If you are unable to obtain a copy of this memo using any of the above
forums, please email us at: shimadzu-sux at bigfoot.com and we will direct
you to an alternate source(s) of this incredible eye-opening
information. Good reading!


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