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In the Current ScienceWeek Free Shareware Issue:

July 7, 2000 -- Vol. 4 Number 27

1. Cell Biology:
Supramolecules and Biological Movements
Considering the biochemical and physical characteristics of
several known molecular springs and ratchets in biological cells,
they apparently represent ancient and biologically commonplace
molecular engines.

2. Marine Biology:
A Biological Function for Cadmium
Evidence indicates a biological role for cadmium in conditions of
low zinc in a marine diatom: A cadmium-specific carbonic
anhydrase, under conditions of zinc limitation, can replace the
normal zinc enzyme in its carbon-concentration mechanism.
(Includes related background material.)

3. Medical Biology:
Telomeres, Telomerase, and Cancer
Although some researchers believe that cancerous cells may have
mutant telomerase, the mutant enzyme conferring immortality on
the cancer cell, evidence suggests other factors may also be
involved. (Includes related background material.)

In Focus: On Evolutionary Biology and the Study of Insects

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