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Hey, everyone!  If you hear a new tone in our voices it is because many of us 
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First visit the membership web site to review the compensation plans and use 
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Call or send email with your name and phone #.  We'll send you information about 
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Act now.  Listen to initial audio presentation:


Then call.  Leave name, phone number, and email address:

781 596 2902

Or Send email with name, phone number:

mailto:mailer.s at

Let me know that you visited my member's website and attended the overview conference 
call after you receive the information!

Box 2984
Boston, MA  02101

We're committed to the financial independence of our membership!  

Serious inquiries only!

Properly addressed email includes contact information with a method of "removal". 
 To be removed from future mailings just reply with REMOVE in the  subject line 
to mailer.s at mailcity.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Be financial independent in six to nine weeks!

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