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Fri Jul 7 03:10:22 EST 2000

<HTML><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14><B>Brand New Pager for FREE!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11><BR>
No long term contract<BR>
No activation fee<BR>
No big prepayment of airtime<BR>
No credit check<BR>
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=12>Put Free pagers on your kids - Give one to your wife</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11></B><BR>
Paging America wants to give you a top of the line full featured pager in your <BR>
choice of color for FREE. This top viewable display pager is one of the <BR>
smallest and lightest pagers on the market today.<BR>
It holds up to 32 numeric messages.  It has 9 music alerts and slient vibration. <BR>
New FLEX technology provides three times the battery life.  Also, message <BR>
time and date stamping and smart alarm so you can set a daily or weekly <BR>
reminder. <BR>
This pager comes in <B>black</B>,<B> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#00ff40" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11>teal</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#00ff00" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11></B>and </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11><B>blue</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=11></B>. All we ask before we ship you your <BR>
Free pager is for you to allow us to provide the airtime for you. There is NO <BR>
long term contract or credit check. Airtime is month to month and can be <BR>
cancelled at any time. Airtime for this pager is only $9.95 per month billed <BR>
monthly or only $8.95 per month if we bill your credit card or checking account <BR>
each month. <BR>
Just call the toll free number and we'll ship your Free pager to you immediately <BR>
in your choice of color already programmed with a local telephone number for <BR>
your town. <BR>
</FONT><FONT  SIZE=4 PTSIZE=12><B>For immediate delivery call Paging America 24 hours a day at <BR>
</FONT><FONT  SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14>800-443-3122</FONT><FONT  SIZE=4 PTSIZE=12><BR>
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