Protein separation via ion-exchange chromatography

Brett Brett.Oconnell at
Mon Jul 10 20:22:28 EST 2000

I intend to separate some proteins by DEAE sephadex
ion-excheange chromatography.  My concern is this:

I have not found any theory regarding the relationship
between the concentration of the sample to be applied
to the column and the dimensions of the column.

My sample is quite dilute (~0.35 mg/ml total protein in
about 9 ml). Can anyone give me some insight into the
appropriate column size I should be using?  Does the
sample concentration matter?

As an aside, I am wondering how many people actually
read these bionet newsgroups since they tend to be quite
empty.  Is this because people read but don't post, or
because the answers to the questions that are asked are
too obscure for those who do look through bionet??
I'm just concerned that I'm throwing my question out to
only about 10 people or something.... So if anyone knows
of a place I might be more likely to get a response, that
information would also be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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