You Can Become A Successful Swing/Daytrader And Share In The Wealth$$$

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Mon Jul 10 23:30:18 EST 2000

You Can Become A Successful Swing/Daytrader And Share In The Wealth$$$

Make A Fortune Swing Trading In Your Spare Time From Home Or Office!!!
You Can Become A Successful Swing/Daytrader And Share In The Wealth$$$
You are living during the biggest technology revolution that the world has ever seen...The Internet!
We're looking for people interested in making money with their computer- Read On!!!
The Stock Journalist Is a premier stock analysis investor membership. We have picked over 160 winning stocks in the last
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We have included some of our testimonials at the bottom of this email. 
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Please Note Offer Expires July 14 2000.
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Not Convinced? Here Is What Some Of Our Members Have To Say... 
Before you decide to delete this email -you owe it to yourself to check out testimonials 
and our website.
Read What Some Of Our Members Have To Say... 
Dear Stock J , 
What can I say, becoming a member of the Inner Sanctum Of Stocks was best investment website ever!!!
This is incredible, you profiled WAVC:NM (OTC) at @1.53 your targets were 
$9.00 within 3 month. You were right but conservative...I sold WAVC at $14.00 within 90 days
my 3000 shares purchased at $1.53 turned into $42,000+in less then 90 days!!!
Since that time I have become a full time daytrader and let me tell you...
I have made more money in my pajama's then I ever did wearing a suit!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!   
RH. Thomas
>From Montana 
What a day !!!! Let me bring you up to date . After subscribing to the Inner Sanctum last week 
and discussing my situation with you (via e-mail) , I took your advise and converted a dead asset
(shares in abc) into 49000 shares of xxx @ $1.30 average price , commission included .
Today , as you know , XXX rose 0.66 X 49000 = $32340.00
Since I subscribed , my portfolio is up approx. $50,000.00 , not bad for 1 week ! 
Subscribing to the Inner Sanctum has been the smartest and most profitable INVESTMENT
that I have made to date . I have a feeling that with Inner Sanctum's timely information
that this will be a very profitable year. I'm a believer Fred , YOU DA MAN !! ...............pete  
#1  Right on , here's the math . ADX up $2.00 X 49,000 shares = $98,000.00 The TSE is open 6.5 hours/day , 32.5 hours/week , which means I earned $3015.39 per hour this week .  The Stock Journalist Rules !!!!!    Thanks Fred  .......pete  
#2 OH NO ! :-) Relax I just made the first profit I've made in a loooooong time $2250 for a rookie and a day's work isn't so bad is it? ;-) Yes I lost 33% on delays and a broker in a meeting syndrome. But Bottom Line I made money and the hardest lesson can be to take a profit! I'm ecstatic. 
I really have to say THANKYOU !! I never dreamed of day trading until you guys came along I am VERY impressed and even more optimistic about the future than ever. It may interest you to know I first visited T$J on a link from Stockhouse and thought it sucked! 
But I didn't understand that "OUR DD" was hypertext!  On subsequent revisits through numerous Stockhouse links I realized you are legit and more importantly bang on the money! I'm REALLY IMPRESSED Fred I mean that! 
Keep it up Fred great stuff , gotta go! Cheers! :-)))   Rich
#3 Thank you and your group for the research and confidence portrayed .
This having been my first day with the PRESIDENTS CIRCLE,   
I wasn't sure what to expect, but THIS IS GREAT, thanks again!! 
(And really what excites me is that it COULD have been a lot better). 
Gordon Y.  Shares=  2000        Bought At=  $2.80    Profit = 1,240.00    Time Frame =4 HOURS  
#4 As a new member of the Inner Sanctum and President's Circle
 I want to share how I  have done so far this week.
 Looks like you will be getting that bottle of champagne sooner than you think. 
ADX Shares = 7000 Bought at = $1.80 Profit = $11,900 Time Frame = 5 days 
SNW.A Shares = 5000 Bought at = $0.89 Profit = $650 Time Frame = 1 day
I'm still holding both and will continue to do so. Claudio 
#5 I'm up $8850 on the week and a very happy camper, where do we send the champagne?
Thanks Jon 
Shares= 5,000 ADX Bought At=2.12 Profit =$6900 so far still holding Time Frame =4 days
Only became a member on monday evening. Shares= 10,000 
QTX At 0.41 Sold At=0.54 Profit =$1300 Time Frame =1 day Bought Feb 3, Sold Feb 4 Shares= 5,000 
SNW.A Bought At=0.89 Profit =$650 so far still holding Time Frame =1 day Bought Feb 4
#6 HI :
ADX     10K  @ $1.61   unrealized gain:$18,718.79  TIME FRAME: one week!!! 
John F.
#7 Unbelievable I'am still in shock but I'am still long and I got a good feeling that
I'll become a millionnaire with ADX because this stock will go to $30.00 and then Nasdaq 
to $50.00 and beyond......go long on this one and become a millionaire like me go adx! 
Goldigger! shares:34,500 average: $1.15 profit:80,000 and growing thanks to
stock j time period: 3 weeks 
#8 Thanks Again!!! BTW Your Champagne Should Arrive Shortly.  
Are you taking subscriptions for the Presidents Circle? If you are, let me know ... Tom L     
Shares= 18400 Bought At= $1.55-$1.74 Profit =$29,960 Time Frame =2wks  
#9 5000 shares bought at $1.19,  profit: $12,550.00 ... (two weeks!) This is just great--
thanks to Stock Journalist!  Jane      
Thanks for the tip, made $25,000 this week on  ADX, bought 14,000 at 1.64 
and sold 7000 at 3.5 Awesome!!! P.S. still holding 18,000 UBS!! Stewart 
#11 Did Great on ADX. Puchased 15000 with average price of $l.ll.
 Still holding with gain of $7200. Thanks Steve 
#12 From San Jose California,
Thank you...Thank you... for getting back to me so soon. I can't see how you
do it. It seems like a lot of work to update your website. Well,  I've only
been following you since the beginning of this year and I have been doing
some research on the stocks that you have been recommending in your "Track Record" section and I'm impressed with your record.  
When I found out you would be going to subscription only for your DD notes I have tried to look around the web to see if I could find a sight similar to yours and with a great track record as yours...,but I could not find any. 
So I am back... Thank you, once again and hope to hear from you soon.
Joel and Jane

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