Our Wedding Day - Join us - Postcard Exchange

Jordi V. Pou jvpou at
Wed Jul 12 12:06:27 EST 2000

Our Wedding Day - Join us - Postcard Exchange

Hello, we are Veronica and Jordi, from Lleida, Spain.  We are finally
getting married this September ( Saturday 2nd ).

We are happy and we know that day will be a special day. But we want to make
it a little more special with your help. We would like to receive postcards
from all over the world with a congratulation or best wishes message.
Postcards from your city or country, or anything you like.

We will show all postcards received by our wedding day to our families and
friends, so it will be like if you are with us too. We also promise to
answer all the postcards received with one from our city, so please don't
forget your address

Our address is

Jordi Pou and Veronica Porta
Lluis Companys, 11, 1-2
25002 Lleida

If you want more information visit our official wedding day site at

Thank You,

Jordi and Veronica


Please send this message to your friends


También en español en http://members.es.tripod.de/weddingday/indexesp.htm

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