Startup co. to provide powerful parallel computing resources: requests commentary on algorithms

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Wed Jul 26 08:13:20 EST 2000

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>     To briefly elaborate, our project will allow any computer that is
> connected to the Internet to participate in solving computationally
> intensive problems. There is an unused resource of many thousands of
> computers out there on individual desktops, and we have designed and are
> building a system to allow efficient use of this untapped resource.

So this is based on the Seti at home model, yesno?

> We do
> recognize that intellectual property and security issues are of paramount
> importance, and our system is designed from the outset to address security
> as the most critical issue.

So would the people making their computers available actually get paid 
$$$ ?  

If not, why would they do it?

(SETI is different, in this case)


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