Startup co. to provide powerful parallel computing resources: requests commentary on algorithms

Chris Chan chrischan at
Wed Jul 26 12:48:59 EST 2000

1) Yes, they would be paid.
2) The technology in SETI is quite limiting as far as the classes of
algorithms it can solve, as well as the level of security present.

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> >     To briefly elaborate, our project will allow any computer that is
> > connected to the Internet to participate in solving computationally
> > intensive problems. There is an unused resource of many thousands of
> > computers out there on individual desktops, and we have designed and are
> > building a system to allow efficient use of this untapped resource.
> So this is based on the Seti at home model, yesno?
> > We do
> > recognize that intellectual property and security issues are of
> > importance, and our system is designed from the outset to address
> > as the most critical issue.
> So would the people making their computers available actually get paid
> $$$ ?
> If not, why would they do it?
> (SETI is different, in this case)
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