$1 + your labor = $100 - $1,500 per job

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        If you're interested in earning $100 to $1,500 per job,
        Then listen Up!   Here's How...

                The Product....

 Imagine coming home from a hard day's work (exhausted..),

 You immediately go straight to bed.  You get undressed,
 lay down, turn off the lights, and snuggle up face-down on
 the pillow.  A few moments later, you feel uncomfortable and
 stressed out so you lie on your back.

 When you look up at the ceiling, it's as if the CEILING HAS BEEN REMOVED!

 You see exactly what you would see if outside stargazing!

 A STUNNING, ACCURATE, 3-dimensional re-creation of the starry night sky,
 including constellations such as the Big Dipper, Pegasus and the Milky Way galaxy,

        ...and even Shooting stars!

 You can't see it during the day.  The ceiling looks normal.
 But at night, when the lights are off, you see what looks
 like the sky outside!

 It's so relaxing and romantic.  And educational!

 And talk about stress-relief!  The moment you look at it,
 it'll melt your tension away faster than a great massage!

 Now how many people do you think would LOVE seeing this when
 they look up in their beds at night?

        That's right.  TONS!

 "It's like you're sleeping under the stars!"

 What a KILLER product for you to offer!
 And what a FUN product too!

 Benefits of this product:

 * Stargaze while lying in your own bedroom
 * Fun product that people WANT and LOVE!
 * Murals even include SHOOTING STARS!
 * Relaxing
 * Romantic
 * Educational
 * Stress-relieving
 * Perfect Gift
 * Like sleeping under the stars!
 * Competition-buster for the hotel industry!

                The Opportunity: How To Make $100 to $1,500 per job

 Ok, You want to know How You Make Money.

 Here's How.

 You can put that AWESOME "convertible ceiling" in ANYONE'S bedroom with a
 product cost to you of..

        Guess how much..

 Only ONE to TWO DOLLARS!  And you offer this astounding masterpiece for $100 to $1,500!

        Talk about NICE PROFITS!

 TONS of Money, Time and Energy were put into figuring out How You
 can make this mural VERY quickly and Very Inexpensively.

 This allows you to make something so STUNNING to look at that people
 will RUSH to pay you $100 to $1,500 PER JOB!

 And It Only Takes You An Hour Or Two!

        Here's an important point:

        These profits are similar to the profits of selling Information:
        the material costs next to nothing, but the customer really VALUES
        the END RESULT.  So you can charge more (a LOT more).

 Now YOU Can:

 * Learn In Just a Day or Two How To Make $100 to $1,500 per job
 * Have ANY room done in about one hour - costs about $1 - sells for $100 to $1,500!
 * Become your community's next Michelangelo
 * Paint People's Dreams!

 Men and women of any age can do this.
 If you can PAINT A DOT - then you can do this.

 You do NOT need to know how to draw.
 We train you.  It's E-Z!

 This is the Opportunity For You Because:

 * Men and women of any age can do this. YOU Can Do This!
 * You Can Work anytime and anywhere you want
 * You Can Be your own boss - come and go as you please!
 * Simplest way in the world for you to make money!
 * You Can Have Big-Time FUN While Making BIG-TIME Money

        "Who'd want this?"

 Anyone with a bedroom ceiling (or any ceiling),
 as well as homes, hotels, etc.

 Who do you know that has a bedroom ceiling?
 (That's right.. Everyone!)

 What a HUGE MARKET For You!
 And most have NO CLUE about this opportunity yet.

 Whew!  The Official Money-Making Opportunity of the Millenium!
 (Well... we think it should be!)  |;-)

 Anyway, I know You want More Information To Make a Decision, So ...

 To receive more FREE information on How To Make $100 to $1,500 per job,
 Simply Email Us Back The Following Information To:

 Mailto:starbiz114 at newmail.net

 ZIP or Postal Code:
 Country (available INTERNATIONALLY):

 Mailto:starbiz114 at newmail.net

 And we'll send you the full details on
 How to Make $100 to $1,500 per job, as well as
 pictures of these murals so you can see for
 yourself how breathtaking they are!

 You'll Learn:

 * How To Make $100 to $1,500 per job!
 * What You Need To Do RIGHT NOW To Start Making Money Immediately
 * Full Details Of How The Entire Plan Works
 * How You Can Easily Offer This Product To Others
 * Secret Marketing Plan To assure you of a steady growth of customers
 * DOZENS of REAL Testimonials From REAL People Earning $500 to $2,000+ PER WEEK
   ... and Having TONS of FUN Doing It

 Best regards,

 Stephani Richards

 P.S. We'll also send you a free Opportunity E-zine with 
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 P.P.S. Also, even though 99% of people don't know about this 
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