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Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum is an international journal for
theoretical biology founded in 1919 at the University of Perugia
(Italy). Here is the table of contents of its latest issue.

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Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum
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Table of Contents

Vol. 93 (2000)  No. 1  

*Editoriale / Editorial: 

Eredità epigenetica. In memoria di Paul Kammerer / Epigenetic Heredity.
In praise of Paul Kammerer  

Cataloghi e teorie (Una cartolina d’auguri) / Catalogues and Theories 
(Greetings Card)  

*Attualità biologica: 

Francesco Musumeci  La luminescenza degli organismi viventi / Libri / 
Risvolti / Flaps  


Alberto M. Simonetta    Homologies, Analogies, Synapomorphies and      
Homoplasies: Problems and Considerations 
(Full text available for free at the following address:
http://www.tilgher.it/bioart.htm ) 

Armando Aranda-Anzaldo    The Hox-gene Research Programme and the 
Shortcomings of Molecular Preformationism 
(Abstract: http://www.tilgher.it/bioabse.htm )

Benedetto Ballarò and Pier Giorgio Reas    Chemical and Mechanical Waves
on the Cortex of Fertilized Egg Cells: A Bioexcitability Effect  


2nd International Alexander Gurwitsch Conference, Non-equilibrium and 
Coherent Systems in Biology, Biophysics and Biotechnology, Moscow 1999 
(Selected Abstracts)  


Leendert van der Hammen   Fields, Networks, Creativity and Evolution 

Peter Robin Hiesinger    The Evolution of the Millennium Bug  

*Brief Notes: 

Valeria Marsili, Loretta Mancinelli, Isabella Calzuola and Gian Luigi
Gianfranceschi    Small Acidic Peptides and Peptidomimetic Molecules:
Cell Growth and Differentiation  

Ramiz T. Aliyev, Kâmil Coskunçelebi, Osman Beyazoglu and Sefika
Islamkizi Hacieva    Alterations in the Genome of Wheat Seedlings Grown
under Drought Stress and the Effect of Gibberellic Acid on These


The Fifth Meeting of the Osaka-Italy: Form and Archetypes


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