What does CDS mean ???

Andrea Hansen webmaster at bioinformatik.de
Fri Jun 23 07:09:56 EST 2000

"Incanus" <Thomas.zeis at stud.unibas.ch> writes:
> I searched Wormbase and Pubmed for some information on C.elegans and
> encountered the signs CDS. But I don't know whats the meaning....
> Could someone be so kind and write me what these letters stand for ???
Hi Thomas,

 CDS means coding sequence.

look at 

In a GenBank DNA sequence entry, "cds" stands for coding sequence. A coding sequence is a subsequence of a DNA sequence that is surmised to encode a gene. A coding sequence begins with an "ATG" and ends with a stop codon. In the cases of spliced genes, all exons and introns should be within the same cds. In the systematic sequencing project, coding sequences are called "ORF"s. The difference between the two names (cds or ORF) allows one to tell from which kind of larger sequence the subsequence (cds or ORF) is derived. 

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