Question : Average sleep time neede by animals and humans ???

seven sergei at
Sun Jun 25 08:55:59 EST 2000

As far as i know sleep is something very specific term, im not sure u refer
to it as animals do, for example a dog doesnt sleep full 6-8hours like
we,but most sleeping do consentrate in some period of the day..with birds
its usualy the night, good example is a parret, when u put a blanket on its
cage it fals a sleep(pretty non complex brain? we cant say). But sleep is
mostly spontanious for non developed animals. Usually the size of the animal
determins its need of sleep, so its logical that mice have very short
periods of sleep like 1-2 hour? but also the measure of activity too, the
dog again for example sleeps as much as it needs, you take it to a long walk
and he goes for short rest/sleep after.
If theres connection between complexity and sleep time im not really sure,
animal is driven by instincts mostly not thoughts or complex mind
monepulations, as a human i gota say that sometimes 3hours is enuf for me
yet i think im pretty complex animal :) . My opinion its mostly the fisical
part/size that counts.

  You dont have to a gree with me, i just saying my opinion ,hope it was


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