multiplex PCR question

KevinKao KevinKao at
Mon Jun 26 00:27:00 EST 2000

We do this to generate short fragments of influenza virus DNA for our 
S.S.C.P. based genotyping.

Kevin Kao

Donnelly.AndrewJ at ("Donnelly, Andrew (FORENSIC)") 
wrote on Saturday June 24, 2000 at  9:58pm:
>I'm trying to gauge the frequency of use of the technique of PCR
>multiplexing ie amplifying several loci in the same PCR (as distinct 
>amplifying loci separately and then pooling the products to run on a 
>lane). If anyone has done this/is doing this can you let me know.
>Andrew Donnelly
>Forensic Science Centre
>South Australia
>donnelly.andrewj at

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