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 OUR CLIENT is a market leader who has tripled revenues during the 90’s and is driving to accelerate the pace.   New products are the fuel for this growth and R&D LEADS the product development effort in partnership with marketing, engineering and manufacturing.  Careers are constantly stretched by this growth and our client continues to seed its organization by adding a few good people as part of their ongoing strategy. 
 THE ROLE:As an experienced Product Developer or Project Leader you’ll orchestrate programs to create and lead new market successes.  From advanced product development through commercial launch you’ll strive to understand consumer interest and champion that understanding all the way to market. 
 You are a person who can, at any stage in the development process, ARTICULATE your program focus and how it relates to consumer interest, market potential, critical stages in the path to market success and potential impact for the business. 
 At the same time, your direct HANDS-ON involvement from the laboratory through consumer evaluation, trials and all phases of commercialization is an integral part of the creative process and a cornerstone of this culture. 
 GLOBAL accountability requires expanding one’s development paradigm to a worldwide focus.  What are the needs of different cultures and what “object building blocks” can be built into future products for global leverage? 
 CULTURE: Our client recognizes that their market leadership is a dynamic condition that requires continuous improvement and innovation.  With only 2 levels of management, this is a very INTERACTIVE AND FLEXIBLE organization that shapes itself into small units around current initiatives.  Its culture is a work in progress, striving for the most effective use of diverse resources to produce a continuous stream of market successes.   If you’ll excuse the analogy, the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs on an ongoing basis. 
 CAREER: Demonstrated success has led to rapid advancement on managerial and technical paths that cross both functional and sector accountabilities.  We encourage you to confirm this fact for yourself during the course of any interview.  Our client's first objective is a CULTURAL FIT.  If this is a match, they’ll FIND a place for you.  Compensation will be accommodated wherever necessary in their grade structure.  
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