similar animals with very different chromosome numbers

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> > Hello,
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> > I am trying to find an old reference. I remember vividly seeing, in a
> > (text?)book on evolution, two black-and-white pictures side by side;
> > they were of two antelope-like animals --- maybe one was a marsupial?
> > from South America? --- anyway they looked extremely similar, but in the
> > pictures' legend it said that one of them had 4 chromosomes, maybe, and
> > the other 24 -- maybe.
> >
> > I am racking my brains to try and remember where I saw that picture...
> > Anyone can help? Thanks very much!
> >
> > Michel.
> I seem to recall that it was two kinds of muntjac -- a type of Asian deer
> (also called the "barking deer"). You might be thinking of the Indian
> muntjac and the Chinese muntjac.

>From a quick rummage around in MedLine I found that the Indian Muntjac
has 6 pairs of chromosomes while the Chinese Muntjac has 46 pairs.

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