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Sat Nov 4 15:12:49 EST 2000

Everthing you need to know about Shimadzu:

>04 Oct 2000 00:00:00 GMT
>I work in a refinary and we want to buy a GC-MS and a GC. Shimadzu
>offer us a GC-MS model QP-5050A and a Gc model 17A.
>Unfortunately we have never used Shimadzu products (we use hp, Perkin
>Elmer and Varian).I beg the users of Shimadzu GC-MS and GC if could
>spend little of their time to inform us about these products.
>We want to know if they have problems (if it is possible what kind of
>problems), and their opinion about MS.
>Please no responses from the vendors.

>Aristidis Ikonomidis
>har at

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Before you buy.

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