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Dear Investor,

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With the advent of online trading, a backlash of sorts has occured. Many investors
simply do not know how to invest and have therefore damaged their portfolios through
poor decision making. Many people have been scared out of the market by the recent 
downturn. Going to a broker and giving them 25% of your portfolio profits each year 
is not very appealing either.

It is for this reason that I urge you to take a look at this investment e-mail alert 
system. I know there are many e-mail alerts out there which propose to give 
you investment information you can use. But they are so crowded with advertisements 
and sales information that you can't get to the good stuff, what little there is, in 
a timely fashion.

Nano-Stock's alert hotline has been picking stocks and trends for over 8 years and has 
one of the most prestegious track records of any hotline around. The hotline focusses 
only on high volume NASDAQ, NY, Amex and National Market companies with volumes in excess 
of 1,000,000 shares a day average for at least 3 months. This limits the number of stocks 
that the hotline focusss on yet Nano still produces returns above the S&P 500 consistently. 

To subscribe, simply reply and put add in the subject box. We will add you to the free six 
month subscription of newsletter alert list. 

Many fund managers and large private investors are already taking advantage of the service 
why shouldn't you? Nano-Stock is prepared to give each investor who applies 6 months free 
service to see for yourself the power and ability of the hotline in your personal portfolio. 
No sales person will call and you will never be billed for the free months.

When you choose to sign up for the service, you may choose your billing cycle, monthly 
quarterly or annually. There are many hotlines to choose from along with many extra's 
such as the daily weekly and monthly market recaps. You can choose hotlines which meet 
your personal preferences and skill levels as follows:

Alert Central:
Each and every alert at 1,5,15,30,60 minutes, daily, weekly and monthly intervals. 
{This is the premiere hotline for advanced traders who make their living on the trading 
floor. Last year the system produced 237% increase on a theoretical portfolio.}

Second Alert: 
Alerts 3 times per day, opening-11:00, 11:01-1:30 and end of day market time. 
{this is for those investors who have a large portfolio that they are managing and wish 
to be updated but are not active day traders.}

Post Alert: 
Alerts at the begining and end of day on any major movement predicted in stocks and what 
has transpired during the day. 
{Investors using brokers like this hotline since it helps them stay informed even when 
the broker is not.}

Newsletter Alert: 
This is a daily, weekly and monthly recap of the market for anyone. 

Nano-Stock also has a website full of resources for subscribers. 
{All paid subscribers may use this site.}

To subscribe, simply reply and put add in the subject box. We will add you to the free 
six month subscription of newsletter alert list. 

If this e-mail has reached you inadvertantly, we appologize for the inconvenience. 
To be removed from our list, reply with a remove in the subject box and we will do so 

All the best,

J. Greig
Nano-Stock services

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