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> > (reactions like Mg + O --> Ca, Si + C --> Ca, K + H --> Ca, N2 -->
> etc.)
> Where did this delusion come from???
> Mathias Neelen
I used to give it as a very good example of those who do not wash the
flasks properly before titration,
not to mention using low grade chemicals in qualitative analysis. <g>:-)
I threaten the students saying : "Those who do not wash, ......  shall
end up cold fusion professors".
Science had been always infested by the dream of "gain without pain"
(the free lunch).
All spontaneous reactions are marked by having enough potential that
exceeds the requirements of the reaction.
Cold fusion is not entirely impossible when we are talking about
another periodical table not the Mendeleyev.
So until we discover the hidden "elements" and their exotic properties
we have to treat the above equations as BS (not bachelor of science of
course). <g>
EL Hemetis

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