RFD: aus.science

David Bromage dbromage at fang.omni.com.au
Sun Oct 8 23:40:53 EST 2000

                    Unmoderated newsgroup aus.science

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of an
unmoderated Australian newsgroup aus.science.  This is not a Call for
Votes (CFV); you cannot vote at this time.  Procedural details are below.

CHANGES from previous RFDs:

09Oct00 - Renaming from new aus.sci.* hierarchy.

Newsgroup line:

aus.science                     Discussion of science in Australia

RATIONALE: aus.science

A non-authoritative newgroup message for "aus.science" was issued in March
1996. As there was no discussion prior to its creation, it was very poorly
propogated and does not effectively exist. This RFD proposed the formal
creation of aus.science.

Recent surveys by the CSIRO and The Melbourne Institute have shown that
the Australian public is as interested reading about science as reading
about sport, and more than economics and politics. In particular,
topics such as genetically modified food, health and medical
research, the environment and renewable energy have been identified
as topic which the public consider to be important.

To enable open discussion about these issues, the formal creation of
aus.science is proposed.

Additional third level hierarchies (e.g. aus.science.astro,
aus.science.chem, aus.science.eng, aus.science.geo, aus.science.med,
aus.science.physics, etc) may be added as the need arises.

deja.com archives show over 8000 articles in sci.* newsgroups have posted
from accounts ending in *.au since 1 August 2000. deja.com also shows 5000
articles in sci.* newsgroups mention Australia in the same period. A
conservative estimate is that 10% of this level of traffic, either
redirected or new, could be carried by aus.science some months after
establishment and propogation, i.e. approximately 80 articles per week.

CHARTER: aus.science

The newsgroup is for the discussion of science in Australia. Topic
include, but are not limited to:
- general discussion of scientific issues relating to Australia
- science education at primary, secondady and post-secondary levels
- science funding and policy
- new discoveries
- employment and careers in science
- science and society
- announcements of conferences
- announcements of scholarships

Disciplines which may be discussed include, but are not limited to:
- agricultural sciences
- astronomy, astrophysics and other space sciences
- biological sciences
- chemical sciences
- electronics
- engineering
- environmental sciences
- geology and earth sciences
- mathematical sciences
- medical and health sciences
- physics
- psychology

Discussion on these topics should be specific to Australia. More general
scientific discussions should be directed to mainstream sci.* newsgroups.

Discussion of computers and the Internet should be directed to the
relevant existing aus.* newsgroups.

One off or infrequent announcements of a scientific nature are acceptable.
This includes announcement of conferences, workshops and seminars,
availability of scholarships, and calls for papers.

One off job advertisements are acceptable within reason, subject to review
if such traffic becomes heavy.

For profit advertising, HTML postings and binaries are not permitted.


PROPOSER: David Bromage <dbromage at omni.com.au>


This is a request for discussion, not a call for votes.  In this phase
of the process, any potential problems with the proposed newsgroups
should be raised and resolved.  The discussion period will continue
for a minimum of 21 days (starting from when the first RFD for this
proposal is posted to aus.net.news), after which a Call For
Votes (CFV) may be posted by the aus.* administration team (See
http://aus.news-admin.org/ for further information).  Please do not
attempt to vote until this happens.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to aus.net.news.

This RFD attempts to comply fully with the Usenet newsgroup creation
guidelines outlined at http://aus.news-admin.org/Faq/aus_faq.  Please
refer to that document if you have any questions about the process.



Proponent: David Bromage <dbromage at omni.com.au>

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