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Here is the table of contents of the latest issue of Rivista di Biologia
/ Biology Forum, the international journal for theoretical biology. Two
abstracts and a full text article are available free of charge on the
website: http://www.tilgher.it/biologiae.html


Vol. 93 (2000)  N. 2 
*Editoriale / Editorial: 
Il significato della biotecnologia / Biotechnology and Meaning  

*Attualità biologica: 
Giuseppe Sermonti  Troppo tardi per Paul Kammerer  

Michele Sarà    The Archetype of Sponges and the Role of Constraints in
the Animal Origin and Evolution  

Rainer Hertel    Forma Botanica. Morphogenesis in Evolution: Examples
from Plants  

Rupert Sheldrake    The "Sense of Being Stared At" Does Not Depend on
Known Sensory Clues 
ABSTRACT:  http://www.tilgher.it/bioabse.html#Sheldrake )

Sergio Pennazio, Piero Roggero    The Discovery of the Chemical Nature
of Tobacco Mosaic Virus  
ABSTRACT:  http://www.tilgher.it/bioabse.html#Pennazio2 ) 

Giorgio Bavestrello, Stefania Puce, Carlo Cerrano, Michele Sarà    
Phenotypic Plasticity in Hydrozoans: Morph Reversibility  
FULL TEXT: http://www.tilgher.it/bioartbaves.html 

International Symposium "Fractals 2000 in Biology and Medicine", Ascona, 
March 2000 (Selected Abstracts)  

Richard Gordon   The Emergence of Emergence: A Critique of "Design,
Observation, Surprise!"  

Giovanni Monastra    Adolf Portmann, Wilhelm Troll: due biologi della 
morfologia idealistica


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