Shimadzu Wins New Product Award

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Shimadzu Windows© Direct Feature Wins
Outstanding New Product Award 

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced that the Windows®
Direct feature has been recognized by the International Society of
Weighing and Measurement (ISWM) as the most outstanding new
product on display at the 2000 ISWM Equipment Exposition held in
Las Vegas. Windows Direct enables the displayed weight value to be
transmitted from any Shimadzu analytical or top loading balance 
directly to any Windows application. The purpose of this award is
to recognize a company or individual for the most outstanding new
technical achievement that positively impacts the weighing and measurement
industry. The award is represented by the Kardux Cup, a perpetual
trophy which is engraved with the year, the name of the company and
the product name. Shimadzu will have possession of the cup for display
until the next ISWM Equipment Exposition in 2002. 

Windows Direct for Shimadzu Balances allows the user to leverage the
capabilities of any Windows based software. Once configured the
displayed weight is transmitted directly to the PC just as if it
were entered via the keyboard. No additional software is required.
Windows Direct also enables the addition of the statistical,
analytical, reporting, and archiving capability to Shimadzu’s new line of
analytical and top loading balances. 

The Shimadzu Corporation has produced balances for industry and research
since 1918. The company is responsible for many innovations which have
improved balance performance including temperature-based full automatic
calibration in 1985; the first one-piece force cell in 1989; a high
sensitivity micro balance in 1993 and now the unique Windows Direct feature. 

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