A Call to Scientific Journals

Claire Haller prismx at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 15 06:04:50 EST 2000

If you would like to participate in the request outlined below,
please add your name to the list at the end and forward this
letter to others, and especially to any editors of scientific
journals with whom you may have contact. Much thanks for your

A Call to Scientific Journals to Assist Developing Countries

One of the important barriers slowing advances in developing
countries around the world is difficulty of access to scientific
information for use in research and education. This is a call
upon all science journals with online editions to join in an
effort to increase the dissemination of scientific information
and improve science education in the developing world. Although
many scientific societies do engage in international efforts to
improve science education and disseminate information, there is
no substitute for access to scientific journals, and making the
electronic editions of such journals available free to residents
in developing countries can provide a substantial contribution to
the future health and prosperity of these nations.

An immediate realizable policy is to offer free online
subscriptions to residents of developing countries. For an
example of such a policy already in action via the online journal
ScienceWeek, and a working definition of "developing country",
see http://www.scienceweek.com/freesub.htm

A policy identical or similar to the above can easily be
instituted by any online journal, and the consequence will be a
significant improvement in the access of working scientists and
science educators in developing countries to scientific
information. Such free access will surely benefit developing
countries, the international science community, and the entire

If you would like to participate in this effort, we urge you to
add your name to the list below and to forward this letter to the
members of your particular professional community.

Dan Agin
dpa at scienceweek.com

The following individuals urge expansion of this initiative by
the international science community:

Claire Haller, US ScienceWeek
Joan Oliner, US ScienceWeek
Odile Santiago, US ScienceWeek
Francoise Boller, US ScienceWeek
Ervin Kaufman, US University of Illinois
Brian Paul, US Purdue University
Howard Block, US University of Michigan
Joan Hartman, US Roosevelt University

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