HELP REQUESTED, on enzymes.

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Wed Oct 18 05:18:52 EST 2000

Check out Alan Fersht's books on Enzyme Structure and Function:
Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science : A Guide to Enzyme Catalysis and
Protein Folding.

Lots of techniques are used for studying protein struc/func: x-ray
crystallography to determine structure, modelling, wet bench work-finding
out what you can do with the substrate to make the reactions better, site
directed mutagenesis to alter the protein to determine the active site and
to improve catalysis, sloppy mutagenesis to randomly alter the protein to
discover hidden talents, inhibition studies, catalysis rate studies, basic
stuff like changing temp/environment etc.

That's just a taster.

Hope that helps

Dr E. Ralph
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> Hi could you please help me out.
> I am studying biochemistry and need someone to point me in the right
> direction, or to a site or paper that would be of help to me.
> What are the various techniques used to study enzyme structure and
> function?
> many Thanks
> Neetu

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