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VigroMax is a unique herbal blend manufactured by a patented process to 
exacting quality standards. VigroMax enhances sexual mental and physical 
satisfaction and uterine and vaginal blood flow and engorgement. VigroMax is 
100% Natural Herbal requiring no prescription. VigroMax helps to eliminate 
erectile failure and premature ejaculation for men who are suffering from 
heart problems or high blood pressure. 

VigroMax will:
Eliminate Erectile Failure
Prolong Sexual Pleasure 
Stimulate Nerve Endings 
Eliminate Premature Ejaculation 
Triple the Length of Orgasm
Increase the intensity of Orgasm
Increase frequency of desire and sexual thoughts (libido) 
Stimulate vaginal lubrication 
Enhance uterine and vaginal blood flow and engorgement 
Prolong orgasm and afterglow 

Price: $39.95 +S&H
or TOLL FREE 1 - 888 -  909 - 2243 USA - M-F  8 am -5pm Pacific Time

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