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HairGro is 100% natural formulation that is the most effective 
product on the market to stop excessive hair loss, Thicken and 
improves existing hair, Re-grow hair all over the scalp including 
hairline and Promote new hair growth in dormant follicles.

HairGro Working Mechanism:
According to modern dermatology, hair loss is mainly caused by:
         1) Insufficient blood supply to the scalp, and malnutrition in 
the hair root.
         2) Excessive sebum in the scalp, which causes pore clogging.
         3) DH testosterone. 

 HairGro promotes hair growth by: 
         · Removing blood stasis. 
         · Dilating the blood capillaries. 
         · Correcting the unwanted effects of DH testosterone.
         · Regulating the sebum secretions in the scalp.

How HairGro Works? 
1. HairGro makes blood flow easy and smooth through the 
capillaries, removes clots and surplus blood. 
2. It promotes the formation of ATP. 
3. It removes the deposited fat, eliminates seborrhea 
dermatitis and keeps the sweat pores clear.

Price: $29.95
or TOLL FREE 1 - 888 -  909 - 2243 USA - M-F  8 am -5pm Pacific Time

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