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Sat Sep 9 08:27:15 EST 2000


the Czech public television CT1 brought a sensational information on
Thursday. A 25 minutes reportage "Klekanice" dealt with so called
"devitalization", a very successful method against cancer. This method
was discovered by chance by Czech surgeon Mr. Fortyn. It's very
simple. The basic idea is to stop blood feeding the tumor (which is
left in the body after this easy, not expensive operation). This leads
to the death of the tumor, that changes into not dangerous tissue.
Very important is, that immune system learns during this process
to recognize cancerous cells as aliens and due to this it kills all
such cells in the whole body (metastases). The resulting effect is,
that patients will fully recover, even if their disease was in the
final phase (only a few weeks of life remaining).

Basic research of this method on pigs has been ended by Mr. Fortyn's
team with very promising results. Even more, the discoverer of
devitalization has helped some of his friends and relatives, that have
got cancer. With 100% success (about 20 people, all have got fully

I think this is a quantum leap in the war against cancer.


Lubor Dedina, Prague, Czechia, <dedina at>

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