Sputum transport

Tim Spahlinger txs at po.cwru.edu
Mon Sep 11 07:55:52 EST 2000

Use "cold packs" in styrofoam containers.  Cold packs are commercially
available.  In Canada, a company called Saf-T-Pak can help you.  They can also
help you if the "transport" you talk about is by way of commercial carrier
(i.e., FedEx) because this mode of transport is heavily regulated by the
government, including the Canadian government (i.e., you are using a public
carrier in the transport of an infectious disease).  Check with the company for
more information.

Denis Bilodeau wrote:

> I am looking for a reliable mean of transporting sputum samples in a
> clinical trial. Pnemococcus does not survive transport unless refrigerated.
> Anyone has ideas on this ?????
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