You Can Now Trigger A "Sixth Sense"!

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Sun Apr 8 15:54:01 EST 2001

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you already know, most of us were given 5 senses as gifts
from God! Some of us are less fortunate and don't have all 5.

However, a recent Discovery which was Featured on the Discovery
Channel for a whole month, now reveals we have a "Sixth Sense"!

A tiny organ the size of a bean found in our noses, detects
Human Pheromones. Human Pheromones control human behavior and
there are many different pheromones which control many different

If you have heard about or even tried pheromone products before,
it doesn't matter because all other brands or products in the
past used animal pheromones. For obvious reasons animal pheromones
are not effective on Humans!

The very first Human Pheromone is now available and transported
through a Cologne/Perfume! 
Almost every man and woman already uses cologne or perfume every 
day in an attempt to make themselves more appealing or attractive. 
How would you like to effectively accomplish this instantaneously, 
while introducing a new dimension and "Sixth Sense" to your life? 

How much more would you pay for your Cologne/Perfume if it 
produced all of the benefits below?

==> You Will feel more Euphoric, Sexy, Self-Confident, Attractive, 
Romantic & Creative!

==> Improve your sex life and enhance your existing relationships!

==> Attract the opposite sex like you only imagined!

==> Gain more self confidence!

==> Receive a lot more respect from other people!

==> Everyone will Mysteriously feel comfortable around you!

==> You will Increase your income from your sales related job or business, 
or just got that raise you wanted!

All of these benefits can now be yours by using "REALM", the Worlds 
first and Only Patented Human Pheromones!

===>> Realm Was Featured On The Discovery Channel Throughout The 
Month Of February 1999.

Since Pheromones are odorless, Realm is the Only product in the World 
that triggers our newly discovered "Sixth Sense"! These odorless 
Pheromones are Only detected by a small organ the size of a bean
found in our noses called the "VomeroNasal" Organ (VNO). Realm has
2 International Patents to prove it too!

World Breakthroughs has been introducing people (just like you) 
from around the Globe, with Breakthrough Products, Services & 
Information since 1996! 

Visit our web-site now and learn How Realm was discovered, Why it's 
so Effective, read all the proven facts, testimonials, What other 
Human Pheromones we will be releasing in the near future (like a 
nasal spray with Human Pheromones that controls your appetite), and 
so much more!



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