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Issue 5   April 2001

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FASTT Slides are coated with a proprietary microporous polymer which binds
DNA in a non-covalent but irreversible manner and does not require
modification to
the nucleic acids being arrayed. Immobilized arrays can then be probed in
the same manner as
traditional blots.
Unlike other glass surfaces, hybridization with FASTT Slides is simple and
fast. There are no harsh reagents required to block and fix the DNA to the
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1. Welcome
2. Latest News Headlines
3. New Products
4. Events
6. Online Resources
8. Sponsorship Opportunities

****************** WELCOME ****************************************

Welcome to the fifth Newsletter from , designed to keep
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This month a number of new jobs have been advertised including :
- Chairs  in Ultraprecision Technology and Nanotechnology  at Cranfield
- Post-doctoral position at MIC , Denmark
- Staff Scientist with MicroArray Facility at Iowa State University

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399 for 60 days .

Wecome to recent newcomers to our Suppliers Index :
- Nanogen
- Gyros

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************* LATEST NEWS HEADLINES*********************************

Apr 9 - Zyomyx and Dyax Enter Phage Display Technology Licensing Agreement
Apr 2 -BioMEMs and Nanotechnology World 2001
Apr 2 - Shimadzu Corporation Announces new Biotech Global Business Unit
Apr 2 - Apogent Technologies Inc Acquires BioRobotics Group Ltd.
Mar 29 - Nanobiotechnology Meeting
Mar 29 - Protein Microarray Technology Meeting
Mar 26 - Pyrosequencing AB and Mosaic Technologies Enter Licensing Agreement
Mar 26 - Zymark Corp. and Cartesian Technologies Inc. Enter Agreement
Mar 22 - $30 Million Nanotechnology Center for Israel
Mar 21 - Second Annual Northwest Microarray Conference takes place in August
Mar 20 - Organon Teknika and Promega Corp. Enter Technology Licensing
Mar 20 - NMRC to Co-ordinate TB Sensors and Diagnostic Technology Research
Mar 20 - Applied Biosystems and Prolinx Enter Technology Licensing Agreement

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**************  NEW PRODUCTS *********************************************

- Schleicher & Schuell Introduce New MicroCASTer Hand Held Microarrayer
- PanoramaT Human Apoptosis Gene Arrays
- Biosearch Technologies Introduces Black Hole Quencher Dyes
- BioRobotics Ltd. offers Total Array System
- Virtek Vision International Inc Offers the Virtek ChipWriter SDDC

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********** UPCOMING SYMPOSIA  PREVIEW *************************************

MicroArrays 2 Macro Results
23 - 25th April, 2001, Seaport Hotel . Boston, MA, USA
Topics will include...
- Maskless Arrays and Improvements in Masking
- Substrate Performance
- High Through-Put Systems and Intergration
- Scanning/Reading Improvements
- Direct Detection and Absolute Quantification
- Protein Arrays and the Confluence of DNA and Proteins
More info :

Drug Discovery Technology
23 - 25th April, 2001, Messe Stuttgart International, Germany
This congress is a major focus in Europe for scientists and managers
interested in all aspects of drug discovery. Participants span the range
from fledgling biotechs to major pharma, and our blend of formal and
informal sessions is intended to stimulate synergistic interactions
throughout the conference.
More Info :

COMING SOON .........
EuroBiochips, Congress on Microarray & Microfluidics Technology
5 - 8th June 2001, The Hilton, Munich Park, Germany
This conference will address the exciting and problem areas of Microarray
and microfluidic technology
 including unraveling complex pathways to elucidate novel drug targets,
right through to diagnostic tests
 for predictive, personalised and preventative medicine.
More info :

For links to approximately 50 symposia taking place in April and May check
out THE BEST listing on the net :
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******************* CALL FOR PAPERS*************************************

Small Talk 2001 , 27 - 31th Aug, San Diego, CA, USA
Submission deadline 1st May for oral presentations and 25th June for posters
More details :

SBS 7th annual conference 10-13 Sept, Baltimore, MD , USA
Submission deadline 1st May for oral presentations and 1st July for posters
More details :

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DISCUSSION FORUMS - specialist areas grouped into convenient categories
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PUBLICATIONS - books, reviews, abstracts of published papers and more.

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