a question

Huitman Huang huihuang at iupui.edu
Wed Apr 18 14:14:47 EST 2001

Dear All,                                                                      
  After aminoethylation of polyacrylamide(bio-gel p100),                       
I wash 1g this amine-containing matrix with water and then with 0.1M           
sodium phosphate, 0.15M NaCl, pH 7.0 (coupling buffer). Drain to a             
moist cake.And then add 100ml 12.5% glutaraldehyde (w/v) in coupling           
buffer to the gel. Again add 0.6 gm sodium cyanoborohydride (toxic;            
use a fume hood) or 0.5g sodium borohydride to the gel and mix for             
at least 4hr. But when I add glutaraldehyde to gel(matrix),the gel'colour      
change from white to yellow immediately,and become more and more deeper,       
become brownish black at the end of reaction.                                  
Is it normal?                                                                  
Thanks in advance!                                                             

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