Tropical Biology / ecology in Australia August 3rd-18th

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Wed Apr 25 11:30:45 EST 2001

PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR PEERS AND STUDENTS: We are offering a tropical ecology 
course in Australia Aug. 3rd-18th.  The course will focus on tropical 
rainforests, but also explore the Reef, wetlands, and savannas in the 
northeastern part of the continent.  All levels of students are welcome - the 
course may be taken for credit, however this is not a requirement.  We are 
looking for a diverse group of participants.  Total cost including air and 
most food is $2750.00
We are flying out of Cleveland however you may meet us in LA for the charter 
flight.  for more information contact Dr. Brent DeMars, Lakeland College  440 
953-7147 or bdemars at
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