Compiling WPedraw1.4 of D.Curtis with Visual C++/Win2k

Olivier Delrieu delrieu at
Mon Aug 6 08:50:36 EST 2001

Dear all,

Does any one of you known how to compile WPedraw, a pedigree drawing
software from Dave Curtis ?

I'll would like information for these two platforms :

- Sun Solaris8.0 with WorkShop5.0
- Windows 2K with Visual Studio 6.0

On both, wxWindows1.68E is installed correctly and compiled. (Dave Curtis
used the wx 1.67 version for the release of WPedraw1.4)

I have many compiling and pre-compiling errors with WPedraw 1.4

Thanks for your help.

Olivier Delrieu.

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