2001 Readers' Choice Awards

Gerd Klaassen klaassen at coastweb.de
Wed Aug 8 01:55:27 EST 2001

shitmadzu wrote:
> 2001 Readers' Choice Awards
> The July issue of Scientific Computing & Automation identified the
> 2001 Readers' Choice Awards for the tenth consecutive year. This
> year's awards reflect the scientific products that readers found
> "exceptional" based on value, reliability, quality and ease of use:
> Chromatography System
> Perkin Elmer Instruments AutoSystem
> Chromatography Software
> Perkin Elmer Instruments TotalChrom
> Spectroscopy System
> Perkin Elmer Instruments Spectrum One
> Spectroscopy Software
> Bio-Rad Sadtler Suite
> If you decide to buy from another vendor because of perceived value,
> just remember that you will get what you pay for (and maybe not even
> that!)
> Consider the advice of your colleagues including lab techs/managers
> who made wise selections/judgements based upon their very own
> experiences in the lab with a wide variety of vendor equipment.
> Obviously, the vendors highlighted above are doing something right
> that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack! Buyer BEWARE.
> Remember: If you buy $hit.... then you will have $hit (from Shimadzu!)
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> http://shimadzu.is-crazy.com
> http://shimadzu.home-page.org

We're using Shimadzu equipment and it's running well, in opposite
to your ugly website...


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