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QDRA's Huge Upside Globally Positioned

Telecom infrastructure player has concepts and contacts to thrive

            International Telecommunications Infrastructure. Say it with
me enlightened investor. International Telecommunications
Infrastructure. ITI is at the absolute apex of 21st century growth
opportunities. And Quadracomm, Inc. (OTCBB: QDRA) is the emerging star
of ITI. Shares bought today for dimes will yield millions of future
dollars to the wise men who understand that telecom highways are the
next millennium's road to riches.

This Tampa-based, tightly-held juggernaut is creating a four-pronged
concept providing self-contained cost-effective communications systems
to every conceivable international consumer: Southeast Asia, China,
Africa, Latin America.QDRA's "telecom-in-a-box" is an ingenious concept:
a 40 ft. cargo container stuffed with either analog, cellular and/or
digital components trucked or shipped on-site to global villages eager
to connect with the rest of the world. And with seasoned telecom veteran
CEO Robert Ellis managing the show, industry confidence in QDRA's
business plan is at an all-time high.


Reasons to Buy

·        A-List Clients: QDRA'experts have built, operated and serviced
state-of-the-art voice, data and video boxes for CNN, Home Shopping
Network, Sprint, NASA, Lockheed Martin, GTE, China Telecom, COMSTAT-RSI,
NBC, ABC/Disney.

Four Globally Planned Integrated Telecom Components:

·        RF Scientific - supplier of portable fixed, and mobile
satellite earth stations and broadcast mobile production vehicles. These
guys are experts at stuffing the containers with the exact components a
village needs and can afford. 2001 Proj. Rev. = $18M; 2002 = $35M

·        RMS Communications - puts affordable, usable phones in the
people's hands. Specializes in wireless handset and pager repair,
refurbishment and resale. 2001 Proj. Revenues = 22 million. 2002 = $50M

·        International Prepaid Systems - Since little or no credit
facilities are available to customers outside US, pre-paid is the way to
go internationally. Manufactures and distributes free standing
handset/card dispensers and ATM's. Business model offers a variety of
turnkey services. 2001 Proj. Revenues = $6M. 2002 = $20M

·        Digital Telecommunications - is a FCC licensed global
interexchange carrier operating satellite earth stations, telecom
switching, fiber optic and microwave transport networks in the US and
Africa. Digital's African base on the island of Madagascar provides an
ideal location to fine tune QDRA's self-contained telecom concept. The
theory being if it works in the Congo, the concept can work anywhere.


Birth of the Global Box

Recognizing the opportunity for strategic consolidation in the ITI
arena, the management of QDRA is consolidating these four industry
leaders to compete with global giants such as ATT (T: $20.87) Siemens
(SI: $54.28 ) and Cable and Wireless (CWP: $16.22). QDRA's lean overhead
and expertise in niche international markets translates into a
formidable competitor capable of offering affordable turnkey
communication solutions to villages whose population are employed by
multi-national companies. People who desperately want and can afford the
prepaid telecom services provided by QuadraComm.

QDRA will leverage its "International Communications Marketing Network",
local insiders paid commission by QDRA to sell a diverse array of
telecom services and products. QDRA has retained 39 international agents
at present. All extremely excited about the potential profits in their
local areas.

Consistent international revenue streams are what make QDRA a stock with
unprecedented upside. At a modest P/E ratio of 2/1 QDRA is worth $1.
This has an airtight concept and management to make it work. When the
boxes hit the villages this stock goes to $2 and beyond.

QDRA CEO Robert Ellis is excited to see his dream begin to come to
fruition. "There have been some significant hurdles to clear before our
business plan could operate as expected. Our shareholders have been
patient and now they're going to be richly rewarded for their patience."

Stock Communications believes in QDRA. "We've already seen QDRA go to
$2.56 during its reverse merger. Now that the fundamentals are in place
the stock's value will increase dramatically. This is a superior company
with a great concept."


QDRA -- QuadraComm, Inc.
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