ScienceWeek/PRAXIS Survey

Claire Haller prismx at
Mon Aug 20 13:25:54 EST 2001

>From the Editor of ScienceWeek/PRAXIS:

With your indulgence, we would be grateful if you would
participate in this little survey related to information
dissemination in the applied sciences. Please indicate by number
which of the following recent discoveries or advances are
familiar to you at least in outline:

1. Superconductivity of magnesium diboride
2. Controlled transfer of single elementary charges
3. Apparent end of world population growth
4. Tissue-engineered bone replacement
5. Possibility of interspecies prion transmission
6. Involvement of cholesterol in Alzheimer's disease

Simply indicate here the number of the item familiar to you at
least in outline (example: 1,3,6): #

and return this entire Email message back to us.

Much thanks for your response. No information about either you or
your affiliation or Email address will appear in any tabulation
of results of this survey.

Dan Agin, PhD
prismx at

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