need help with biology coursework!

super_silver_sparkles the_whalleys at
Mon Dec 17 04:30:43 EST 2001


Mr Bruce likes to eat a bowl of crisps every night before he goes to bed.
He does not like any of the 'meaty' flavours but prawn is ok.
His wife buys the economy packs and is stuck with all the left over meaty
flavours but all she has to do is wait until her husband has a head cold.

Write a hypothesis and identify the independant and dependant variables!

> if i were to make people wear a nose clip and taste different flavours of
crisps to see if i could identify the different flavours, what would the
independant and dependant variables be?

Also in what way are the nose and mouth linked so that you cannot taste when
the nose is blocked?

All help will be very much appreciated!!!

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