Announcement: A New Science Discussion List

Claire Haller prismx at
Sun Dec 23 13:58:32 EST 2001

Announcement: SW Science Discussion List

A new science discussion list has been opened. The list is called the
"The SW Science Discussion List". This discussion list will be
moderated by Dan Agin of ScienceWeek, and the list will primarily be a
place for discussion of scientific issues in the general areas
indicated below, queries and responses, and information that might be
of interest to people in the international science community.

The general areas of discussion and announcements will be research and
educational issues in the various sciences, science policy, ethical
issues in science, the history and philosophy of science -- and
discussions outside these areas will be considered off-topic and
discouraged by the moderator. The moderator will screen out all
inappropriate advertising, flame-throwing, and general mayhem.

For the time being the distribution mechanics are as follows: All
messages to the list that come in are packaged into one file (a
"digest"), and when that file reaches a convenient length, that file
is  transmitted as a single Email message to all subscribers. When the
message file becomes too long, it is split into several files.

The Email address for the ScienceWeek Discussion List is:

                swlist at

and that is the address for all postings and subscriptions.

Anyone can subscribe to this discussion list by transmitting
SUB SWLIST to the above address. If you have not already subscribed
and you wish to subscribe, please do so by transmitting SUB SWLIST
to the above Email address.

In separate mailings, subscribers to the SW Science Discussion
List will also receive the book excerpts, special reports, and
selected reports from ScienceWeek and PRAXIS that have been going
out to a general list that will be closed.

If you think the SW Science Discussion List might be of interest to
you, we invite you to subscribe to it.

Dan Agin, PhD
dpa at

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