Shimadzu HPLC Autosampler Plugging

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Shimadzu HPLC Autosampler Plugging

....some Shimadzu employee(s) specialize in "plugging"!

The following message was posted in the Chromatography Forum at on June 11, 1999:

"I've found my Shimadzu HPLC auto-sampler tubing and six-way valve have
become plugged with septum cores chopped out by the injector needle.
I've been using the manufacturer's product. Are there any types of
septa that are not prone to this rather frustrating problem?"

Andrew Lyon

n.b. Shimadzu USA has known about this "plugging" problem since at
least 1995. And here we have a customer reporting the "same old
problem" four years later! Does Shimadzu Corporation have any problem
solving skills? How many more customers will report clogged autosampler
injector ports before Shimadzu takes definitive action to correct the
problem? Here's betting that Shimadzu will screw something else up if
they decide to remedy the current problem.... don't hold your breathe

n.b. Mr. Scott Ingraham (Field Service Manager) could serve up a bevy
of field service reports documenting this well known problem with the
SIL-10A series autosamplers if asked. But the sneaky lowlifes at
Shimadzu like to bury the past (and present). Paying customer should
note that this is one way that Shimadzu's Service Department earns
their keep. How many times does a customer have to pay if this problem
keeps recurring? How many customers have paid (more than once) to have
their HPLC autosamplers serviced for this "sold old problem?"

n.b. If you have other "plugging" or "plumbing" concerns that don't
involve Shimadzu equipment, contact Steve Halperin (VP, Finance) who
will know how to proceed!

Where there is smoke, there is fire (particularly if Shimadzu is

There is more about SHIT-madzu....

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