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First Free Internet Newsletter Dedicated to

Reptile and Amphibian (Herps) Conservation and Science

 January 28, 2001 -- New York, NY -- On January 28th, HerpDigestT, the first
Internet newsletter dedicated only to Reptile and Amphibian (Herp)
Conservation and Science, published its 25th issue full of the latest
breaking conservation and scientific news on herps.

Since its return in August, HerpDigest has also opened it own website,
www.herpdigest.org, became a non-profit incorporation, and will soon open up
a unique archive, full of past HerpDigest articles and links to anything a
scientist, conservationist, or someone just interested in herps might need.
(Copies of state laws, the ESA, CITES, proposed regulations, databases, even
where to find specific care sheets on certain herps.)

Within those past 25 issues HerpDigest has retained its high level of
bringing its readers the most current and complete herp news possible. From
the ongoing story of the Galapagos oil spill to the complete text of the New
York City regulations preventing the keeping of large reptiles like pythons,
boas and iguanas. .

HerpDigest is usually the first electronic publication to print the latest
job offerings, calls for papers, requests for information, and abstracts of
herp-related articles from all over the world, with information on how to
order the full article.

To subscribe just go to www.herpdigest.org, hit subscribe and follow the
easy instructions. You'll receive notification that your subscription has
been accepted that day. Issues are sent out every Sunday by e-mail only.
Sometimes special alerts such as the recent news out of Galapagos will be
sent during the week.

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