Program to Clear Air Through VOC Trading Program

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Thu Feb 8 10:38:51 EST 2001

A regional office of the US Environmental Protection Agency has moved to
approve a program that would allow for the trading of volatile organic
compound (VOC) emissions.  VOCs are precursors
to the formation of ozone.
Metro Chicago currently does not meet the national health-based standard for
ozone and is classified by EPA as a severe no attainment area for the air
pollutant. A no attainment area is a geographic area in which the level of a
criteria air pollutant is higher than the level allowed by the federal
standards. A single geographic area may have acceptable levels of one
criteria air pollutant but unacceptable levels of one or more other criteria
air pollutants; thus, an area can be both attainment and no attainment at
the same time. It has been estimated that 60 percent of Americans live in no
attainment areas.
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