40gig HD not detected

Chris Wells fasthog at warwick.net
Fri Feb 9 16:00:50 EST 2001

I have an hp brio 85xx and I bought a 40gig Western Digital hard drive. The
computer will not even go to Setup when its hooked up. I wanted to update
the bios in it so it will detect 32gig and greater hard drives but I cannot
find an update that allows this.

I also have an asus P5A Super 7 Mainboard and I cannot find an update
available to allow my 40gig hard drive to work either.

I would love any help as far as finding an update for mainly the HP computer
since its the faster of the 2 but either is fine. I could not find any to
allow the larger hard drives but I know most people here know more than I do
when it comes to this. Thanks.

deviate at pioneeris.net

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