45% proposed pay increase for NIH post-docs?

Arthur Sowers arthures at magpage.com
Sat Feb 10 22:41:44 EST 2001

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I guess we all have some idle dreams, and maybe some other dreams. The
only approach I see is some kind of unionization AND some changes in
business-labor laws. Right now, most of what I have seen over the last
couple of decades are essentially evolution of management theory and
practice, produced by MBAs and accellerated by global competition, to suck
power, priviledge, and money up to higher levels of management and other
overlings and shove, down hill, more responsibility, accountability, risk,
as well as poor pay and benefits, to underlings at the bottom. "Shit goes
downhill" is one of the oldest "laws of physics" as explained by overlings
to underlings whenever underlings ask questions about the fairness in a
given situation. I can understand and accept this in a military matrix,
but its contrarian in a society with a lot of imperitives (cf. the US
constitution, bill of rights, etc.) meant for the individual. 

The only other way, besides the union route, to fight this is to try to
start your own small business, doing something that sells (either to
other small businesses or individuals), and develope a moderately large
and loyal customer base so that you are not under the thumb(s) of one or a
few entities or a few situations that you have no control over. Its a raw,
primitive, difficult, and unprestigeous way to go, but this is the route I
am taking. And, while I'm at it, I hope younger people try to understand
this and factor it into their career plans.


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On Sat, 10 Feb 2001, clarosa wrote:

> I agree completely with Dr. Sowers statements and would ad there needs to be a
> moritorium on funding of graduate students.  That would stop the madness.
> However since universities and PIs are not that altruistic,
> I do not forsee this  happening soon.  Not without graduate student and  post
> doc unification.  Another idle dream I think.
> > need for better job security. Maybe what they are doing is keeping
> > the crappy postdoc-type job security and keeping the crappy job fulfilment
> > (i.e. a postdoc is an underling and not "head" of an independent
> > project) and trying to "buy off" people'w woes by sweetening the
> > paycheck. No thanks from me. I'd rather they take the extra money and make
> > some more permanent jobs at NIH or make it available for hiring more
> > faculty (not more postdocs).
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