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Table of Contents of Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum

Vol. 93 (2000)  No. 3 

*Editoriale / Editorial 

Dall’astronomia alla biologia: possono avere un ruolo i dilettanti nella
ricerca? / From Astronomy to Biology: Could Amateurs Have a Role in

*Attualità biologica 

È accaduto... / In breve / Libri / Risvolti / Flaps  


Edward Goldsmith    Intelligence is Universal in Life
(Full text: http://www.tilgher.it/bioartgold.html ) 

Delio Petrucci, Patrizia Cesare    Physiological Differentiation of the 
Mitochondria During Bufo bufo Development 

Sergio Pennazio, Piero Roggero    Tobacco Mosaic Virus RNA as Genetic
Determinant: Genesis of a Discovery  

Stefan Buzatu     Multiple-State Model of Ionic Channel in Reproducing
the Time Course of Electrophysiological Events 


Meeting: 'The Role of Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) in Medicine and
Biology', Rome, 14 December 1999  


John A. Davison   Ontogeny, Phylogeny and the Origin of Biological


Claudio Bonvecchio    Riti e archetipi: dall’inorganico al conscio. Per
una epistemologia simbolica  

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