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·	One in four girls will be sexually abused before they are 16 years old. One 
in six boys will be sexually abused before they are 16 years old. 
·	In an adult retrospective study, victimization was reported by 27% of the women 
and 16% of the men. (Cite: Finkelhor, 1990) About 95% of victims know their perpetrators. 
(Cite: CCPCA, 1992) 
·	A typical child molester will abuse between 30 to 60 children before they are 
arrested - as many as 380 in their lifetime. (Cite: "The Effects of Pornography 
on Children and Women," at a hearing before the Subcommittee of Juvenile Justice 
- testimony of John Rabun, for the National Center for Missing and Exploited 
Children, Sept. 12, 1984) ·	The typical child sex offender molests an average 
of 117 children, most of whom do not report the offense. (Cite: National Institute 
of Mental Health, 1988) 
·	The average offender is involved with over 70 children in his or her "career" 
of offending. (Cite: Sanford, 1980, Abel and Becker, 1980) 

But there is something you can do!
Finally, a FUN EASY way to protect our precious children from being Molested, 
Abused or Abducted!  


·	 According to the Crime Prevention Units of the Mt.Lebanon and Pittsburgh Police 
this tool will help teach your child-"Child Abuse Prevention Skills." 

"Tell Mommy" was developed and tested extensively by several families and day 
care facilities around the country.  Professional direction was provided by Dr. 
Eleanor C.K. Smith who earned her doctorate in child development and is presently 
a consultant for the Head Start Program and the Pittsburgh Board of Education. 
 "Tell Mommy" is an excellent tool that combines activity with a subject that 
is hard for many parents to approach.  It is crucial that children be exposed 
to its concept.

"Rare do you find companies dedicated towards finding solutions to the problems 
that face children today...Our company gladly endorses this product and it is 
our hope that [A Perfect Plan for Life] is successful in providing this tool 
to all for the good of children.  Children need all they can get on their side 
to win this battle.  We urge all to join in and help in anyway possible." (David 
Weinberg, AIM Long Beach, major marketing company) 

Prevention is the responsibility of everyone! A Perfect Plan for Life offers 
a new crime-prevention tool ("Tell Mommy") tested to be effective in decreasing 
the chances of child molestation, abuse and abduction. 

"Tell Mommy" is a simple board game that parents play with their children.  It 
comes with the playing board itself (see picture in attachment), the playing 
cards, game pieces, free t-shirt, and more!  All this for only $49.95!!  

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*Donations Accepted*

Please, help in preventing our youth from abuse they can be taught to combat. 
 Knowledge alone is not power.  It is applied knowledge that can change the world 
and make it safer for our children.

If abuse is suspected, contact the local police department... as a follow up, 
this organization is available. 
Hot Line
To report child abuse nationally 


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