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val glovaldatamarketing at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 03:36:41 EST 2001

 That's right. 101 million FRESH AND VALID email addresses
 with NO duplications.
 Your investment is less than $1 per million names!
 Here is an example of what you could earn!!!
 Here's an example of your potential earnings if you have a  product or 
 service that brings you a profit of around $30. Remember, on the Internet, you can 
 make money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day... even while you sleep, orders come 
 all over the world!
 Per Day    Weekly      Monthly      Yearly
    1                 $  210      $   840           $ 10,080
    2                     420        1,680               20,160
    3                     630        2,520               30,240
    5                  1,050        4,200              50,400
   10                2,100        8,400            100,000
   15                3,150       12,600          151,200
 THE QUESTION IS... how do you generate those orders?
 The least expensive and fastest way is through E-Mail Marketing.

 *** Do you have a product that you can sell for $1 ?
 If you get only a 1 percent response from mailing to this list, that's  
 Over $1,100,000 !
 *** Do you want to do some market research? Imagine how much  
 information you could get from a short survey sent to this list.
 *** Maybe you have a business opportunity to offer. This list would 
 have to be a good starting point. 

          E - M A I L   M A R K E T I N G ! !
 IT'S A FACT... If you're not using your computer to generate income,  
 GOOD income,  you're leaving money on the table.
 "A gold mine for those who can take advantage of bulk e-mail programs" 
 - The New York Times 
 "Blows away traditional Mailing" 
 - Advertising Age
 We have been in this business for close to five years now. We have a 
 lot of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for more. We 
 don't just sell you the addresses; we offer after sales service to make sure you 
 can MAXIMISE your sales. We also have detailed lists of special occupations 
 and industries ie. Lawyers, Accountants, Medical Personnel, Businesses by 
 SIC code that can be used for target marketing.  This has proven to be very 
 effective for our clients and will be for you.
 We are not here for the short term; we hope to do business with you 
 continuously for years to come. 
 Other Services
 *  Don't have a computer that can send out this size of mailing?  Don't  
 worry we can send out your message for you for a small additional fee.  
 *  Have your own list ........ we can send to it as well.
 *  Fax broadcasts
 *  Direct mail
 This is a special offer for first time clients. We will supply you with 
 the existing 101 million addresses we have just gathered for a low introductory price 
 Each 2 months we hope that you will buy our updated list and download 
 it off the website for $49. You do not have to buy the list each month but it is 
 available to you.  Most companies who sell lists would charge around 5 times this 
 We have gone through the list in the past month and deleted duplicate 
 addresses. We have also deleted any known Spam haters.
 The addresses are all ready to be mailed. That is the best deal 
 Anywhere today! They are placed into text files of 1,000,000 and zipped. 
 Need help setting up?
 We will E-mail you a website that is specifically designed for our 
 Clients the site includes detailed directions. Just follow the step-by-step instructions 
 on the link you receive with your purchase.  
 These 101 Million  e-mail addresses are shipped to you on 3 CDs and are 
 yours to keep; so you can use them over and over. They are not for you to sell.  
 Over the past 5 years, we have gained a reputation for having the 
 cleanest, most responsive e-mail address lists in the industry.
 No one has gone to the work it takes to produce an e-mail address list 
 of this quality.
 Here's how we prepare our e-mail lists: 
 1. We clean and eliminate all duplicates.
 2. Next, we use a filter list of 400+ words/phrases to clean even more. 
 No address with inappropriate or profane wording survives!

 3. Then we use our private database of thousands of known Internet 
 "extremists",  those opposed to any kind of commercial e-mail, and deleted all we 
 could find.
 4. All domains were verified to insure they're valid.
 5. We use special software to verify the validity of the names we are sending to.
 6. And finally, we sorted the list into easy-to-manage packets of 100,000 addresses in 
simple text 
(.txt) format that will 
 work with any computer operating system.
                  101 Million Addresses Strong!
 With this super clean e-mail address lists you'll send less...and get 
 better results...
     * Y O U   G E T   W H A T   Y O U   P A Y   F O R *
 Our FRESH 101 Million Address List CD, will result in:
 * Higher Response Rates
 * Higher Sales Conversion Ratios
 * More Receptive prospects; Less Flames & Non-Buyers.
 * Less Contact With Anti-Commerce Radicals & Extremists.
 Remember that potential income chart at the beginning of this message? 
 Can you imagine the kind of money you could make if you mailed one million 
 pieces and sold only one tenth (.01%) of one percent?  You do the math, you'll be 
 This is not a rental list that is restricted to a one-time mailing.  
 You are purchasing an e-mail address list for your personal mailings and may use it 
 DON'T HESITATE on this offer or you will miss out on the least 
 expensive, most effective way to market... PERIOD! 
 * 101,000,000 email addresses on 3 CDs
 These names are all in text files ready to mail!!!
 And all for ONLY US$79.00 (plus shipping)
 We will accept your credit card, check or money order.

 Payment by Credit card - call CAN 204-489-4085 (24 hrs, 7 days), quote 
 Reference Intro-Offer, remember to have your credit card ready.
 Payment by check or money order - Please print and fill out the form 
 below and post it along with a check or money order to Global Data Marketing 
 Suite 126 163-2025 Corydon Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 0N5, including 
 Reference "Intro-Offer".
 All personal checks take 5 days to clear. Credit card orders are sent 
 within 24 hours of your call. You will receive your package within 5-10  days.

 You can pay an extra $30 and have it delivered in 3 days by FedEx.  
 Advise the operator on the phone if you would like this service. 
 US$85.00 (includes $6 P & H)
 Only use this form if mailing in your order.
 Email Address 
 Postal Address
 Reference "Intro-Offer":

 Amount Paid _____________________
 I understand that I am purchasing the 101 Million E-Mail Addresses List 
 on CD.  The addresses are not rented, and while Imay use the list for my own 
 personal mailing, it is copyrighted and I may not share or offer it for resale.  I 
 understand that it is my responsibility to comply with any laws applicable to my local 
area. As 
 with all Software, once opened the CD may not be returned, however, if found 
 defective it will be replaced with like product at no charge.

 If you have any questions please email us at globaldatamarketing at yahoo.ca  DO 
 NOT just hit reply, as this message hasn't come from that address. 
 Pleasenote the phone numbers above are ONLY ordering numbers. The operators 
only  have 
 the same information that is contained in this email. 
 If you want to be removed from this mailing list please email 
 globaldatamarketing at yahoo.ca with REMOVE in the subject heading along 
 with your email address. EG Remove johnsmith at hotmail.com. Please note that 
 the above phone number is of an answering service, they are there to only 
 take orders. We will remove your name from our list and the list we are selling if 
 you do the above.



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