2000 ACS Readers' Choice Awards

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 2000 ACS Readers' Choice Awards

The December issue of Today's Chemist at Work announced the 2000
Readers' Choice Awards for the third consecutive year. Forty-four
companies (including Shimadzu) were profiled and listed on a ballot
which appeared in the July 2000 issue of the magazine. The ballot
allowed votes to be cast in 5 different categories including: quality,
service, delivery, advanced technology and internet accessibility.
After counting the ballots, industrial chemists named the following
companies who serve them the best:


PerkinElmer Instruments

Mettler-Toledo (Runner-Up)


Waters Corporation

Agilent Technologies (Runner-Up)


TA Instruments

J. T. Baker (Runner-Up)

Advanced Technology

Agilent Technologies

Beckman Coulter (Runner-Up)

Internet Accessibility

Fisher Scientific

Sciquest (Runner-Up)

If you decide to buy from another vendor because of perceived value,
ruggedness and/or reliability, just remember that you will get what you
pay for (and maybe not even that!)

Consider the advice of your colleagues including lab techs/managers who
made wise selections/judgements based upon their very own experiences
in the lab with a wide variety of vendor equipment. Obviously, the
vendors highlighted here are doing something right that distinguishes
them from the rest of the pack! Buyer BEWARE.

There is more about SHIT-madzu....


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