How to contact Shimadzu Corporation (Japan)

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How to contact Shimadzu Corporation (Japan)

support at
webstaff at
medical at
solution at
personel at
kyotocsc at
postmaster at
news at
bear at
postmaster at
postmaster at
LC_QA at

arai at
asai at
fujimoto at
fujiwara at
fukushima at
gotoh at
hara at
haruki at
hayashi at
hattori at
hira at
hirai at
hirato at
hirusaki at
hisamitu at
ichikawa at
ishida at
itaya at
iwasaki at
izutsu at
ji at
joh at
kasei at
kawabata at
kawabe at
kawakami at
kitamura at
kiyoshi at
knak at
kodama at
kojima at
ko-tana at
koyabu at
kubodera at
masato at
masuda at
matsumoto at
matsushita at
mitsui at
miyake-s at
miyauchi at
mori at
morita at
munetaka at
m-hashi at
mshibata at
nagayanagi at
ono at
osawa at
oyagi at
priest at
root at
saito at
sakata at
sakazaki at
s_asai at
sato at
sawada at
shimadzu at
shibata at
shiomi at
sibamoto at
soejima at
tahara at
takagi at
takahashi at
tanaka at
taniguti at
ueda at
wani at
watanabe at
watazaki at
yajima at
yamada at
yamamoto at
yamane at

Send a postcard over the Internet to Shimadzu!

How to contact Shimadzu's Global Associates
tk at
poirier at
kk at
regie at
Andy.Marcinkus at

How to contact Shimadzu Worldwide
By Fax:

Advanced Instruments de Mexico
52-5-752-6968 (fax)
advancedmex at

38-51-377-2680 (fax)
gtomac at

52-5-348-8034 (fax)
falcon at

49-203-766625 (fax)

30-31-260393 (fax)

31-736-426939 (fax)

35-11-759-9222 (fax)
35-11-759-9529 (fax)

7-95-941809 (fax)

46-86-251849 (fax)

Shimadzu Beijing Office
86-10-6512-6801 (fax)

Shimadzu Chengdu Office
86-28-334-3881 (fax)

Shimadzu Equipment Center
86-10-6204-3968 (fax)

Shimadzu Europa UK
44-190-855-2211 (fax)

Shimadzu Guangzhou Office
86-20-8667-8076 (fax)

Shimadzu Medical Equipment Company
86-10-6506-5244 (fax)

Shimadzu Singapore PTE Ltd.
65-779-2935 (fax)

Shimadzu Singapore International Procurement Office
65-774-1143 (fax)

Toshbro Shimadzu India
91-22-204-0396 (fax)

United Kingdom (Kratos Analytical)

By Email:

info at
shimadzu at
bb at
gp at
hh at
kvp at
mr at
rhw at
shimadzu at
webmaster at
postmaster at
gm at
postmaster at
stevpsop at
webmaster at
postmaster at
steve.pahos at
john.hewetson at
chris.james at
chrisn at
clareh at
postmaster at
analiticaser at
import at
analtec at
incotro at
kurt.paulus at
biocien at
oswaldo at
hansarot at
cpontious at
CKrayenbuhl at
postmaster at
info at
postmaster at
postmaster at
postmaster at
postmaster at
shimadzu at
dexin at
sa at

How to contact Kratos Analytical
jd at
df at
bashir at
sbates at
dsurman at
postmaster at
maldi at
service at
xrd at
xrf at
xps at

chris.blomfield at
kathryn.ralphson at
chris.sutton at
frank.trundle at
maldi.sales at
service at
xrd.sales at
xrf.sales at
at at
suporte at
vendas at
kratos.germany at

How to contact Shimadzu Distributors

webmaster at

100264.2124 at

nlganlyt at

everything at

info at

ssi at
info at
info at
rodelius at
johansson at
info at
watrex at
watrex at

canalyt1 at
dmccann at
krsuddaby at
warren at

info at
info at
service at
techsupp at
gchapman at

solutions at
filtration at
chromatography at
sarwel at
jhodgson at
amurphy at
bbenson at

esal at
sales at
service at
intlsales at
marketing at
techsupport at
applications at
webmaster at

info at
webmaster at

There is more about SHIT-madzu....

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